[DogParkList] MacLoggerDX V5 for Cocoa Color Codes

Don Agro dagro at dogparksoftware.com
Fri Feb 13 13:13:11 EST 2009

On 13-02-2009, at 12:56 PM, David Kaplan wrote:

> OK, I've looked at both DX and Contest panels and tried quite a few

> entries and see no colors. (And I'm not color blind in regular

> life!). I see what you mean by Grid/ITU/DXCC, etc. now.

Needless to say - if you don't have CQ, ITU and IOTA suggestions
enabled in the Lookup Prefs the only text in any color that you will
see there is that which has been entered in your call server database
(QRZ etc.) for that call.

73 Don Agro VE3VRW

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