[DogParkList] "Sticky" RS report & Power still a problem

David Kaplan dhkaplan at mac.com
Mon Jan 26 08:13:17 EST 2009

Dear Don,

Sorry to trouble you but in b11, I see no difference in the power and
RS report. I enter it, it gets logged, and when I shut down the pgm
and restart it, it isn't there. While the program is active it DOES
carry through on each window (DX/Contest), but does not transfer
between them, (which doesn't seem to be a problem to me at least).
Also power entered in the DX panel doesn't pass through to the contest
panel, and it can't be entered there either... no data entry allowed.


The email and url fields are blue, but are not clickable to link to
the email or web site.

My zip is a 9 digit zip, but 06092-2906 appears as "06...906". Should
it either be truncated left justified, or shown in full? Or is this
what you wanted?

"Notes" can be entered in DX, but no Notes data entry in Contest.

Also, why is there a "live" UTC field in the Contest panel when it
already exists at the top of the window above the DX/Contest buttons?
Perhaps the real estate could be used for something else?

It's difficult for us beta testers to make comments without knowing
what you intended, and what is a bug in some instances, since a help
file is certainly low down in your priorities. Please excuse any
comments if things are not bugs but ARE your design. I've programmed
for 30 years and can sympathize.

David, WA1OUI

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