[DogParkList] Notes from the Skunkworks

EZ Rhino EZRhino at fastmovers.biz
Thu Jan 8 11:49:39 EST 2009

Don, it looks nice. Will we still be able to change the window color, etc.
in the DXclusters panel?

As far as contest data entry panel goes, here's a quick list of exchange
fields that I've seen in the past: Call, SRX, STX, state/county, county
(state QSO parties), name, power level, year of license, and zone # are all
things I've seen. It might be nice to be able to move the order of the
fields around, i.e., for a certain contest put the fields you use at the
so you don't have to tab through ten fields to get to the last one you need.

If I assume correctly, your intent isn't to make this into a full blown
contest logger, which is fine, while still keeping some basic functionality
for casual contesters. Right? Therefore, features like score computation,
bandmaps, etc. are beyond the scope. The dupe checker is vital of course,
and the current version does a pretty good job with it. You may want to
consider a simple run rate display and/or Q rate and a total number of Q's
since the contest began. Another really nice add on would be a voice keyer
and regular memory keyer. The current version *sort of* does this, but as I
recall (I'm at work and don't have it in front of me) it isn't implemented
so it
can be used conveniently for use in quick succession (too many mouseclicks,
no assignment to function keys, etc.)

A way to keep track of multipliers would be real nice; a list of states
and/or DX entities worked since the contest began would be helpful.

It may be too late for the following, but what the hey:

1) Seeing the DX cluster tab and the log tab at the same time.
2) LOTW support; automatic uploading and (more importantly) auto
downloading from the LOTW server and auto updating of the log. This is my
number 1 upgrade item/gripe with current version.
3) DX cluster text is really small. Same with the log text. Custom
sizing would be really nice. (your new screenshots look larger).


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> Don, looking good, I really like the UI layout and also the addition

> of VFO/Rotator and DX/Contest, clean.


> How does the QSO begin/Finish button work? This more for rag chewing?


> As for contest, this can be a big question!


> 1. ESM - Enter Send Message


> 2. Bandmap - both auto populate (assisted) and manual populate

> (unassisted)


> 3. Auto fill for zones (CQWW)


> I am sure I will come up with more.


> Thanks!


> Lee

> WW2DX.com

> MacHamRadio.com



> On Jan 8, 2009, at 9:13 AM, Don Agro wrote:


> > New Screen shots for MacLoggerDX for Cocoa:

> >

> > <http://dogparksoftware.com/MacLoggerDX_for_Cocoa.html>

> >

> > Radio drivers are working!

> >

> > Anyone have an Icon they would like to submit? (the one on the above

> > link is a placeholder only). Free upgrade to the winner!

> >

> > Contesters: Start thinking about what you would like to see in the

> > "Contest" data entry panel besides the obvious: Call, time & date,

> > srx, stx. It should be a superset of what is needed for all contests

> > but still allow quick tabbing through the necessary fields.

> >

> > 73 Don Agro VE3VRW

> >

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