[DogParkList] MacMemoriesManager 3.3: Radio Not Found FT-897

Don Agro dagro at dogparksoftware.com
Wed Mar 19 06:06:03 EDT 2008

Hi Jamie,

On Mar 19, 2008, at 04:03 , Jamie Roche wrote:

> Hi Don,


> On 18 Mar 2008, at 17:00, Don Agro wrote:

>> Latest Keyspan drivers are here...

>> <http://www.keyspan.com:16080/downloads/>


> OK thanks for the link. Now installed. MMM now reports two extra

> ports:


> KeySerial1

> USA19H1d1P1.1


> But MMM still reports "Radio Not Found" on either of these ports.

> These are my settings:


> MMM:

> DTR on

> RTS on

> Baud 9600


> FT-897:

> In VFO mode

> Mem 019: Cat Rate 9600 bps

> Mem 020: Device CAT


> Best Regards,

> Jamie M3GBG

Are you running a CT-62 between the Keyspan and the FT-897 ?

Please run the Mac console app, Run MMM and check the "Log" checkbox.
Press the button to the left of the radio picture which will attempt
to read memories from the radio into the list. (You can cancel after
the first dozen or so). Paste the console output into an email.

Can you also send me a screenshot of the MacMemoriesManager Window ?

73 Don Agro VE3VRW

D o g P a r k S o f t w a r e L t d .

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