[DogParkList] Re: DogParkList Digest, Vol 11, Issue 7

David Ferrington 2E0XDF at Alphadene.co.uk
Fri Aug 12 06:07:14 EDT 2005

On 12/8/05 2:03 am, "dogparklist-request at dogparksoftware.com"
<dogparklist-request at dogparksoftware.com> sent:

> Well actually you could just telnet to your cluster in a terminal
> window. But as far as providing a small popup replicating the cluster
> panel - you should probably investigate other products.

Well, I like MLDX and I believe I understand why you want to keep the
interface as it is. Just because it doesn't do one thing I thought I might
like, doesn't stop it being the best around.

I was never suggesting you change this just because I thought it might be
useful, that's why I asked for other peoples opinion. And I wasn't
suggesting you change the current interface, but just allow  people to
'tear-off' a panel, a bit lit tear-off menu's (yes, perhaps too MS'ish).

As I said, I need to re-read the manual and consider my use more.

And please don't think I'm unhappy with the interface or the product, it's
just I found myself jumping between DxClusters, Log, Map and Bands quite a
bit and wounded if it would be simple to pop them off.

When you want to test the depths of a stream, don't use both feet.
-Chinese Proverb

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