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Don Agro dagro at dogparksoftware.com
Wed Aug 3 12:02:18 EDT 2005

Hi Ed,

On 2-Aug-05, at 10:30 PM, E. Bracha wrote:

> Don,
> It's been a while since I've mailed but I've been enjoying MLDX all  
> along
> and haven't spotted any bugs that someone hasn't reported first!
> The user programable Bands screen is a nice, simple touch but I've  
> wondered
> about taking it one simple(?) step further. Let me explain.
> Currently colored segments for CW, SSB, and FM can be programmed by  
> the user
> into the bands.dat file. Would it be possible to add a fourth, say  
> color. The reasoning here is because of the Japanese Band Plan. The  
> 1.9MHz
> band is CW 1810 - 1825, a non-amature allocated portion follows,  
> and then CW
> from 1907.5 to 1912.5. Having the option to either break the band,  
> or set
> the color to black for example, would allow me to put the plan into  
> the 160M
> segment. I've attached a PDF of the Japanese Band Plan just in case  
> you
> don't have it (which is probably because you have no need for  
> it. ;) ).
> Having added that I wonder if there would be any value in adding a  
> popup
> that allows the user to select a specific band plan file similar to  
> the logs
> selection. One could choose the Japanese band plan for example, or if
> desired, switch to the US (or European etc) plans if they had been  
> created.

I have added Japanese and UK band plans to MacLoggerDX which you can  
select with a popup in the Bands Panel.

MacLoggerDX can not yet handle the 'gap' in the Japanese 160 meter  
band but I think we have a step in the right direction and will be  
able to add new band plans as we move forward.

Thanks for the suggestion.

There is a screen shot here...


and the beta (v1.4.1b26) is posted here...


73 Don Agro VE3VRW

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